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 DSL Speedtest - Speed Test Tool

Test your DSL bandwidth (Speedtest) with our tool. You´ll get your speedtest result instantly. On the bottom, you´ll find the codes to integrate the speedcheck on your homepage, for free.

How is the speed test measured?

When you start the speedtest, a file that is coupled to a script is loaded by our server. The script notices when your computer has downloaded the file and then calculates what DSL speed you have. If a firewall is switched on, the data are not sent back to the script and the test fails.

Is the measurement of the speedtest exact?

When loading of the file is artificially extended by other factors, the speed display cannot be correct.

If, for example, you have a 3,000 DSL connection, the result must stay within a reasonable range. In this case, the measurement would show about 2.5 to 3.5 Mbit/s. If the measurement produces significant differences, measure again. Measure again later as well. If the measurement then differs after three tests taken at different times of day from the DSL speed you have contracted for, please ask your provider or measure the speed test with another service.

Reasonable ranges are:

ADSL / DSL 1.000 -> values between 800 kbs und 1.2 MBs
ADSL / DSL 2.000 -> values between 1.7 MBs and 2.3 MBs
ADSL / DSL 3.000 -> values between 2.5 MBs and 3.5 MBs
ADSL / DSL 6.000 -> values between 5.5 MBs and 6.5 MBs
Variations of 0 - 25% can occur; in this case, measure again or later

If the results of the ADSL speedtest are unclear, always measure again and repeat the speedcheck at different times of day and on different days. During the test, downloads or other Internet calls should not take place.



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Speedtest available in other languages:    english | finland | norsk | portugal
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